Step 3 of many: less plastic revolution

This is an extensive subject. Starting with bags for shopping to everyday products.

1. Bags for shopping. We have fabric reusable bags that we always have in the car. I always carry a fabric bag with me just in case.

When we forget, we use the ones that we can put back in the bin provided by supermarkets.

Sometimes I pass them down to someone who forgot to bring bags!

Start saying no to any bags given by shops.

Did you know that most supermarkets just change damaged bags if you bought them there?

2. Drinks in plastic bottles is a no. No matter whether they are recyclable or not. We should just stop consuming things.

This is perhaps the hardest, as it I plied carrying 4 water bottles to refill anywhere. 2 coffee mugs in the mornings it as family.

In warmer days, it is impossible for me not to want a Frappuccino!

As I said, we are still work in progress. Sometimes I can’t help it. And I end up buying that one moccha frappuccino from Starbucks.

Starbucks by the way, is still way behind! They still have plastic straws, plastic cups, loads of plastic wrapped sandwiches, etc.

3. Definitely less single use plastic plates and cutlery. We bought some little boxes with plastic cutlery.

We bought these at Garsons in Esher, brand Sistema.

Very handy and small, we carry them everywhere!

We bought some plates and cups which we take if we go to a picnic.

We will definitely not use single plastic (or paper) plates and cups for children’s parties every again! Or we will try at least!

4. Home cleaning products – we have been storing the bottles of home cleaning liquids with a spraying nozzle.

We started with buying biodegradable liquids in recyclable containers.

Now we will be using these home cleaning liquids in sachets which you simply dilute in water!

5. Personal hygiene products.

Shampoo – we source our shampoo (a very new thing) from Born From Necessity. It is a bar that smells gloriously and it is ok.

Soaps – we either source them from a lady at our girls’ school or from Born From Necessity.

Female hygiene – I stopped using dailies, pads and tampons. I have a collection of underwear specialised to endure women’s period and leaks. I got them online from

They are designed and produced in the UK, which helps with not having transport related pollution, and I only need to wash them!

I have just started trying the cup. Not yet sure about it, but my periods are almost completely gone since having an intrauterine device to have no more kids!

Toothbrushes – no plastics! All bamboo made toothbrushes. We still have some plastic toothbrushes left. In time, we will try to reuse them for crafts!

When having to dispose of our old way, we are trying really hard to make it responsibly.

We always check the Surrey website before recycling.

6. Children’s toys! Pffffff this is a difficult one and maybe the hardest of all. We will be limiting plastic toys. We will.

I might write more on this when it comes to my mind.

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