Step 2 of many: Sourcing grains and pulses from local shops selling without plastic bags

We used to buy quinoa, cous cous, rice, beans and chickpeas in any supermarket where they come in little plastic bags.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The bags are generally not recyclable.

The boxes with risotto are recyclable, but you need to take the little window off (as that is made of non-recyclable plastic).

The tetrapak for pulses is not recyclable in our county Surrey.

You would think that tetrapak is widely recyclable everywhere, wouldn’t you?

For Surrey recycling, check this website:

We heard of a shop in East Molesey called Born From Necessity.

They sell all these things from jars.

We bought our recyclable jars (in fairness, we should have reused some jars, but hey! We were quite new to this idea!).

We made a list of what we normally need, and boom! We have our staples to eat beans, chickpeas and rice with loads of veggies!

1. This contributes to the idea of sourcing local produce. Less transport related pollution.

2. Less conservatives in food.

3. MUCH less waste!!!!!!

We are still working towards perfection.

Sometimes, we just run out of time and we need to buy the things from supermarket (mostly beans), but hey! It has happened less than twice a month so far!

We just have to persevere!

Practice makes the master, right?

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