Hi! I live in Surrey – specifically Walton on Thames. We are a normal family – dad, mum, 2 kids and a dog.

Both my husband and I grew up as any other kid. He grew up in Yorkshire, and I was born and bred in Mexico City, Mexico.

Perhaps as many of you, I grew up with everything I could wish for and more. I never really thought of consuming less meat – I mean, did you need to kill cows for that!? Never thought of all the implications of having a good meaty diet, of buying any kind of products from a big supermarket, of using plastic bags once. Hell! I never even thought about recycling as something to do in my own house!

I am not sure about England – whether recycling has always been on the agenda. But surely, this for me is kind of new.

Yes, we separate and have separated our waste for ages now. But really, a wide opening event for me – watching a girl’s video on living with Zero Waste.

Zero waste. What is this!? Is this even a thing?

Well, it turns out the planet we live on, has been used at humans’ desires without limitations. Without “immediate consequences”. In less than a couple of centuries, humans have gone from small levels of pollution, to significantly increase these. With industrial revolution it just escalated. The discovery of nuclear energy brings it up a notch or two. Basically, everything humans have been doing, is contributing to our progress and development without a doubt – but it brings these at a very high cost.

I remember that in Mexico City, they put in place a “Hoy no circula” programme to counteract air pollution. This basically meant that every car had to not be driven for at least a day every week.

Other programmes around the world have been put in place of course. Many global agreements have been drafted and are in place to avoid high levels of contaminants being thrown into our air.

Yet, we are where we are today. Everybody seems to be concerned and doing something.

We should change. Individually. As a group. As a society. All should change.

This girl in the video made a research of landfills in her area. She learned how to make compost and she started eating non-packaged food.

Then I started hearing that this and that person was “vegan”. What is that? I remember one of my friends use to say “do not trust vegans”. LOL. Well. Now I am convinced vegans were onto something.

Whatever your call is for change. Do it.

Mine was everything I see, read or hear.

So, I will record everything about my life and how I have changed it. Are you ready? Follow me because I can talk for ages and ages!

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