Step 1 of many: Eating less meat

Growing up in a meat lovers family means I do love a good steak. I love a good Argentinian restaurant or a good burger!


It is a big ‘but’.

We went from consuming chicken, beef, pork, etc. all 7 days in a week to a ‘maybe’ during the weekend.

We now eat vegetarian meals all week long and let me tell you – I feel as satisfied, and it is as yum.

Since having our first daughter we are members of Hello Fresh, a meals plan company that delivers us 3 recipes, with exact ingredients and quantities to be able to prepare our own meals during the week.

They are quite handy as we don’t have to plan or buy anything.

Sometimes, we get really bored of having to spend a long time cooking, so we take long breaks from it.

We started ordering a Sainsbury’s delivery every Sunday.

However, having to plan your meals, booking a delivery spot on time, completing the online order on time, being at home by the delivery time, etc – it just doesn’t work too well when you have two kids, both of whom are invited to birthday parties all the time.

My husband and I are very good at excel spreadsheets – so, we basically designed a meals and shopping list spreadsheet.

We just have to randomly choose a recipe, put a “1”, and voila! We have a shopping list which we can copy-paste into Sainsbury’s’ multiple products search!

It is hard work when you are “copying” the list of ingredientes for each meal, but trust me… that time is saved in the future!

Anyway. Back to the subject.

So, now we do vegetarian meals during the week. We have reduced our meat intake for some reasons:

1. Animal cruelty is a result of demand, so… we are contributing towards less demand.

2. Massive production means more air pollution – did you know that the cows’ excrement produces certain gas (methane) that pollutes the air?

3. We source the meat we eat locally from a farm shop (Garsons in Esher). This means less carbon footprint (they don’t need to transport it for miles!).

4. Eating more veggies is healthier! Besides, there are less unwanted additives (crap) that they possibly inject to the animals!

5. We enjoy the meat we eat more than ever – it is better quality and we don’t waste it!

We soon realised that buying our meats from Garsons or the local butcher is far more expensive.

You will see this trend going on for everything.

I am hoping that as more people start making a shift, the prices of locally sourced things will go down to be able to compete with massive supermarkets.

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