• Recycling Plastic

    23rd Aug 2019 by

    As much as we want to and put our minds to it, plastic is everywhere. I found it everywhere in my house, even though we have been trying to be “plastic free” for I would say 5-6 months. PET or PETE 1 (polyethylene terephthalate) This is single use plastic; it is the most commonly used… Read more

  • Step 3 of many: less plastic revolution

    2nd Aug 2019 by

    This is an extensive subject. Starting with bags for shopping to everyday products. 1. Bags for shopping. We have fabric reusable bags that we always have in the car. I always carry a fabric bag with me just in case. When we forget, we use the ones that we can put back in the bin… Read more

  • Step 1 of many: Eating less meat

    2nd Aug 2019 by

    Growing up in a meat lovers family means I do love a good steak. I love a good Argentinian restaurant or a good burger! But. It is a big ‘but’. We went from consuming chicken, beef, pork, etc. all 7 days in a week to a ‘maybe’ during the weekend. We now eat vegetarian meals… Read more

  • Introduction

    6th Jun 2019 by

    Hi! I live in Surrey – specifically Walton on Thames. We are a normal family – dad, mum, 2 kids and a dog. Both my husband and I grew up as any other kid. He grew up in Yorkshire, and I was born and bred in Mexico City, Mexico. Perhaps as many of you, I… Read more

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